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7 Common Myths About Psoriasis

Psoriasis affects as much as 2-4 percent of the world population. However, there are lots of myths and misconceptions about this rather common skin disorder.

Myth # 1: Psoriasis is contagious

Psoriasis manifests as inflamed patches of itchy, flaky skin often accompanied by skin lesions. This is not a pretty sight and the condition is often mistaken to be contagious. Psoriasis is NOT contagious as the disease is mediated by the immune system and genetic factors. It is not caused by infection from any microorganisms like bacteria and viruses and therefore is never contagious.

Myth # 2: Psoriasis only develops with age

Psoriasis is a skin condition that affects people of all ages - from infants, kids, teenagers, adults to elderly people alike can suffer from psoriasis. Development of psoriasis is not at all age related.

Myth # 3: Psoriasis is caused by poor hygiene

Though cleanliness and proper hygiene is absolutely necessary for maintaining healthy skin, psoriasis is not caused due to poor hygiene. However, good hygiene is necessary to help quicken healing of the symptomatic skin lesions associated with psoriasis.

Myth # 4: Psoriasis is only skin deep

While symptoms of psoriasis most commonly appear in the form of red flaky skin patches and lesions on the skin, the problem is far more than just skin deep. Psoriasis is linked to the abnormal functioning of the immune system as well as genetic factors. It is believed that the problem starts showing up on the skin when the immune system starts attacking normal cells, mistaking them for pathogens, thus stimulating the production of newer cells, which lead to scaly, itchy, inflamed skin patches.

Myth # 5: Hereditary factors alone cause psoriasis

Although genetic factors play a significant role in a person developing psoriasis, there are other factors that may be catalytic in the development of this skin condition. The problem also appears to be immune system mediated and certain types of drugs, consumption of certain foods and of course stress, are shown to aggravate psoriasis symptoms.

Myth # 6: Psoriasis is just a physical problem

Psoriasis despite being a disease that manifests only on the body, psoriasis suffers suffer not only from the pain and inflammation associated with physical symptoms but also from a huge amount of embarrassment, social stigma and low esteem. Since psoriasis symptoms most commonly appear in the form of tangible red flaky skin patches and lesions, the mistaken notion that it is a contagious skin condition is at the root of the problem where suffers may be socially stigmatized. So psoriasis may not only affect a person physically, it could also be a source of emotional suffering for some.

Myth # 7: Psoriasis is easy to cure

Psoriasis is usually described as a "chronic" skin condition because it is persistent and difficult to cure. Specially those relying on allopathic treatments often experience temporary relief as they struggle desperately to remedy the problem. Most over the counter medications act only at a superficial level, thereby controlling symptoms temporarily. However, holistic treatment approaches are likely to offer more long term relief. This is why holistic treatments such Nisore capsules and oil work from the inside out, addressing the root causes, thereby providing more permanent results. So whether it is easy or not to find lasting relief depends on your treatment approach.


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